Coin toss insult fires up Flyers

Fife Flyers Northern League play-off winners 2011. Pic: Steve Gunn
Fife Flyers Northern League play-off winners 2011. Pic: Steve Gunn

FIFE Flyers coach Todd Dutiaume revealed the secret motivation behind his team’s fired-up start to Sunday’s Northern League play-off final - a coin toss.

The Kirkcaldy hotshots raced into a 4-0 lead over Whitley Warriors inside the opening period en route to claiming their second trophy in seven days, following on from last week’s league title celebrations.

As league champions, Flyers were expecting to be given the advantage of using the home team facilities they are accustomed to at Fife Ice Arena, but event organisers insisted that the matter be decided by a coin toss.


Insulted by what he viewed as a lack of respect, Dutiaume refused to take part in the game of chance, leaving Whitley free to claim the home bench, and used the incident to fire up his own team.

Dutiaume told SportsPress: “I got a call on Sunday afternoon saying I had to come into the rink for a coin toss to see who the home team was.

“We finished first in the league, so obviously we should have that advantage.

“I told them I wasn’t coming in for a stupid coin toss and that we’d just take the away bench.

“The way I saw it, I didn’t care, I knew we’d win the game no matter what.

“That’s my only critique of an otherwise excellent weekend. We won in the end, so I’m very pleased.”


The benefit of using the home bench at Fife Ice Arena is that it has two doors for players to use, while the away bench has just one.

“If we had to rely on a minuscule advantage like that then we’d really be in trouble,” Dutiaume added.

“After they asked me to come down early and flip a coin, I went into our dressing room and used it to fire-up the guys, so maybe it was to our advantage.

“The guys were all mad at the start, and it showed.”

Flyers dominated the final from the start and ran out comfortable 6-0 winners with a performance that pleased the Canadian player-coach.


“I’d be really critical if I was to pick out mistakes because the guys played really well and deserved it,” Dutiaume said.

“When the guys are skating and working together, they’re really good, but when we stand around we’re average. It just goes to show what we can produce when we all play.”