Curling's Team Farmer becomes Team Scotland

Team Farmer - Nicola Joiner, Katie McMillan, Kirstin Bousie, Beth Farmer.Team Farmer - Nicola Joiner, Katie McMillan, Kirstin Bousie, Beth Farmer.
Team Farmer - Nicola Joiner, Katie McMillan, Kirstin Bousie, Beth Farmer.
Two local curlers have won the right to represent Scotland at curling's 2019 WJCC-B Championships in Lohja, Finland.

Kirstin Bousie (Falkland) and Beth Farmer (Kinross) were part of ‘Team Farmer’ which emerged victorious from a qualifying competition at Curl Aberdeen recently.

Following an exciting double round robin, Team Farmer were top of the table and clear with five wins and one loss.

They were chased by ‘Team Davie’, one win back on 4-2.

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This meant that Team Farmer took a one game head-start into Sunday’s best of three final.

Both worked hard early on and were level at 4-4 after five ends.

After a single score for Team Farmer in the sixth end, they faced two counters and chose to draw behind a centre guard.

Coming up short with this stone meant Team Davie could apply pressure and sat three before skip Beth Farmer’s final stone chipped off the shot stone leaving an open hit for four which was made by Team Davie before running their opponents out of stones in the final end.

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They levelled the final series and took things to a decisive game that afternoon.

The second final saw the teams level at 2-2 at the halfway point.

Team Farmer were one point down with the hammer in the eighth end. They left their opposition facing the game, needing to draw fully to the four foot circle to win. Cool under pressure, Beth Farmer scored a single point for her team and sent this long weekend into one more and final end. Team Farmer started the ends with centre guards as they went all out to steal. Team Farmer did all they could and left their opposition facing two counters before their final draw attempt. Team Davie’s sweepers watched anxiously as the stone slid past the tee line and out of shot position,

Team Farmer had the end and the game and were the new Team Scotland.

The group will now represent Scotland from January 3-10 2019 at the championships.

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