Edinburgh dish out some capital punishment

Aidan Brown on the attack for Largo.
Aidan Brown on the attack for Largo.

Edinburgh South were the visitors on Saturday to a sun drenched East Drive, Upper Largo to play Largo’s first XI.

Looking for their second win of the season skipper David Scott hoped to win the toss and make use of what appeared to be a bowler friendly wicket.

Unfortunately the toss was won by the visitors and Largo were asked to bat.

Despite any concerns about the wicket opening batsmen, A Warrender and Robertson quickly scored 22 runs from the first three overs with Robertson dispatching anything loose to the boundary.

However Rehman, South’s opening bowler, soon settled into his stride and with his accurate pacey bowling was soon causing havoc in the Largo ranks.

Warrender(6) was first to fall thanks to an absolutely sensational catch at gully by Saunders.

This lifted the bowler who, in the same over, then bowled Harney(0), Robertson(26) followed in Rehman’s next over trapped plum LBW while Eglinton(3) hoping to capitalise on spin of youngster Amis was caught by Collard.

37 for 4 became 43 for 6 with Brown caught at the wicket for a duck from the bowling of Rehman and Gillin(6)caught from the bowling of Saunders.

Things got worse when S.Warrender drew up with a damaged quad and had to bat with a runner before almost inevitably he was bowled for 9 by Rehman.

Barclay(4) was Rehman sixth and final wicket finishing with the fantastic figures of six wickets for 13 runs from eight overs.

The tail scrambled a further 13 runs.

Largo 70 all out in 18,2 overs.

With no other option than to go on all out attack Scott asked his bowlers to give it their all.

Brown and Eglinton bowled 16 overs straight through bowling with pace and accuracy and Edinburgh South on 40 for 4 at the end of their spell with hopes still alive.

At this point the S Warrender injury really impacted on the match as he was unable bring the firepower to the bowling line-up.

Gillin kept charging in and, thanks to a great catch by the diving S Warrender, Dhar who was steadily accumulating runs was dismissed for 17.

Despite the efforts of Scott and Gillin they could not make any further break through with the visitors scoring the winning runs in the 25th. over. Amis(31) who batted throughout the “South” innings was undoubtedly the star batsmen dealing with everything the Largo bowlers directed at him.

Largo hope to carry forward the energy and team spirit they showed in trying to defend their very modest score when they travel to Edinburgh on Saturday to play Edinburgh 2.