Edinburgh Rugby to train with Fife youngsters

Youngsters at Glenrothes Rugby Club will get the fantastic opportunity to train with their heroes.

Edinburgh Rugby are visiting Fife and the local club have been invited to take part in their Edinburgh Blitz with top players coming over and joining in with training sessions, picture opportunities, advice and hosting a question and answer session with parents and children.

The Blitz takes place on Wednesday, March 14 at Carleton Park and all Glenrothes micro, mini and youth players are invited to attend at no extra cost. The club also hope that friends interested in the game can come along too. All that anyone has to do is turn up on the night and register their name and details with the club then join in the fun.

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For that week only, the Tuesday training at Carleton Park is cancelled and will instead take place as part of the Edinburgh Blitz. The session will be split into two groups. From Primary School classes P1-P5 (5.30-6.30pm) and Primary School classes P6-P7 and secondary school S1-S4 (6.30-7.30pm).