Five star Madras take the students to school

The victorious Madras side.
The victorious Madras side.


St Andrews University.....0

The Madras FP hockey club development squad enjoyed a friendly game with St Andrews university ladies sixth team.

The students made a strong start to the game, but the solid Madras defence were up to the task in hand.

After 10 minutes, the Madras team found themselves with a shot on goal, which found the back of the net.

Some great passing from both teams’ midfielders provided good viewing for the many spectators.

Madras again found themselves in front of goal, and managed to beatthe goalkeeper to double their advantage.

After pep-talks at half time, and with renewed energy from the students, the game got underway for the second half.

The Madras defence was again called upon, with some great passes to the midfield.

After 10 minutes Madras was awarded a short corner which was confidently converted putting the youngsters three goals ahead and cruising.

An increase of speed and energy from the students wasn’t able to penetrate the Madras defence.

Further linking passes and a strong performance from the strikers resulted in two more goals for the Madras side.

The students didn’t manage to convert their opportunity from a short corner, with the Madras defence putting in a solid performance throughout the game.