‘Flawless’ Maxwell urges team to stay positive


FIFE Flyers defenceman Tim Maxwell has encouraged his team mates to stay positive despite Saturday night’s horror show against Braehead Clan.

Maxwell’s performance – which saw him score both Flyers goals and pick up the man of the match award – was the only highlight on a bad night for the Kirkcaldy side as a painful 7-2 defeat left their play-off hopes hanging by a thread.

Despite the gloom engulfing the rink following the match, Maxwell emerged from the home dressing room with words of optimism.

“There is still a chance we can make play-offs,” he told SportsPress.

“We’ll have to steal some points on the way, but it’s not in anybody’s mind that we’re out of it.


“We just need to keep believing – and stay positive. I’m looking forward to the next game, this one’s over, and hopefully good things will come.

“It’s quiet in the dressing room, and obviously guys are upset, but the game’s over.

“It would’ve been nice to have a win, we didn’t get it, now we’ve got to move forward.”

Flyers performance against Braehead was littered with mistakes, but Maxwell, who delivered a flawless display by comparison, urged his team mates not to get too down.

“I felt like I played a good game and contributed what I could, and it’s tough when other guys can’t contribute as much,” he said.

“But everybody makes mistakes, myself included, so we’ve just got to pick guys up and stay positive.

“Three games ago everyone was chatting in the dressing room but now everybody’s quietening down.

“The mood has changed a little and it needs to get back to where it was when we were successful.”

Maxwell (pictured left) believes that if Flyers get back to basics and cut out the individual errors, the team can get back to winning ways.

“We need to work on minimising our mistakes – at the blue lines especially,” he said.

“Just chip pucks in, chip pucks out, and don’t try to beat men in a one-on-one.

“When I first came in the guys were struggling quite a bit, but we were making major strides.

“Now it feels like we’ve started playing like we were back around Christmas.

Step up

“It’s not the way we need to play if we want to make play-offs. We’ve got to step up our game here.

“One of major things is staying positive, not yelling at each other and getting down on each other.

“Everyone is working hard at training, and we’re going through the things we need to improve on, but it’s not really translating into the games.

“It’s tough to see, but we’ve just got to keep working on things and hopefully we’ll get better.”

Maxwell’s brace on Saturday night were his first goals at Fife Ice Arena since signing in December, but he is not renowned for his goal-scoring.

“I’m not known for my goals but I saw the opportunities and took them,” he said.

“Usually I’m setting players up but things opened up and I was able to capitalise on them.

“It’s unfortunate we were only able to score two, but at the same time we’ve got to work from the defensive zone out, and minimise the opposition’s goals.

“We’ve got to try to keep teams under three goals if we want to be successful.”