Flyers ace enjoying scoring streak

Bobby Chaumont scores a penalty shot. Fife Flyers v Cardiff Devils, Feb 9. 2013. Pic: Steve Gunn
Bobby Chaumont scores a penalty shot. Fife Flyers v Cardiff Devils, Feb 9. 2013. Pic: Steve Gunn
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IF Fife Flyers do make their first Elite League play-offs this season, you can be sure that Bobby Chaumont’s points production will have been key in getting them there.

Chaumont added another two goals and an assist to his impressive tally in the 5-3 win over Dundee Stars at Fife Ice Arena on Tuesday night.

With 66 points to his name (26 goals and 40 assists), he is currently third in the Elite League points chart behind Dundee’s Sami Ryhanen (75) and Nottingham’s David Ling (68).

Chaumont is now on a seven-game scoring streak and with the midweek win catapulting Flyers into sixth place in the EIHL, and third in the Gardiner Conference, the forward is hoping for a successful end to the campaign.

“Individually, things have been going great, and that only comes when the team is having some success,” he told the Press.

“I’m not a fancy player who is going to stick-handle through five guys and score so I’m always working on my shot.

“I’ve always just tried to be accurate and concentrate on hitting the net. When you do that good things sometimes happen.

“I’m not too worried too much about my own tally, I’m just concentrating on helping the team get into a good posiiton to challenge for the play-off weekend.

“We’re in a battle right now, and these last 10 or 12 games are all going to be huge.”

Chaumont highlighted the importance of Tuesday’s win.

“Whenever you can jump three spots with two points you know how close the standings are,” he said. “We knew how important this game was and it’s a huge win.

“It was another tight close game and that’s the way games are going to be in this conference.

“If we lose one game we could go back to the bottom.

“It shows how tight everything is so we have to make sure we’re ready for every game.

“Our last six games are all against teams in our conference so we’re going to decide our own fate, and I’m sure our guys will be ready for challenge.”

Chaumont hailed the performance of Casey Haines against Dundee, adding: “We’ve really missed him for the last month.

“We know what he brings to this team and to have him back is huge.To see him have a performance like that is great. It just elevates the play of everyone else on the team.He’s our captian and he leads by example.”

Flyers now face an away double-header this weekend against top sides Sheffield Steelers and Nottingham Panthers.

“I think we can take points,” Chaumont stressed. “We’re heatlhy now, minus Bryan Pitton, but while he is a big loss look at how well Blair’s done.

“The guys in front are playing extra hard for him because he’s worked hard all year. For him to get his chance is great.”