Flyers beaten by last-gasp winner

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Fife Flyers notched a two-point weekend, were ten seconds away from making in three - but, in truth, it should have been a clean sweep of all four points.

The 4-3 defeat at the hands of Edinburgh Capitals was the sort of loss which impacts on team’s aspirations; games which ought to have been won allowed to slip through gloves.

With Braehead Clan coughing all four points this has to go down as a golden chance missed for a major swing in both conference and league.

Flyers were behind and then ahead against a Caps side that remains impossible to fathom out.

They have incredible bursts of energy and pressure round the net and then ebb back into anonymity, but all the time somehow managing to stay in the hockey game.

Flyers’ challenge is to figure them out and, when ahead, to put the issue beyond doubt.

Tonight they had the chances to do that. True they didn’t get the bounce of the puck, but overall it was a scrappy match which saw momentum change direction throughout.

Caps had the first and last word and, in the end, that was all that mattered.

They went ahead at 1:46 with player-coach Richard Hartmann rifling home one-time shot - and his winner at 59:50 was probably no more than his squad deserved.

Flyers drew level with a cracking Matt Reber top shelf finish in the dying seconds of a powerplay at 18:06, and their go-ahead just 21 seconds into period two through Scott Fleming ought to have been the platform to go on and win the game.

They had the momentum, but some defensive work was slack, and for all the rebounds off Hiadlovsky, the puck fell just short or the wrong side for the forwards.

Caps’ equaliser at 26:48 came as a direct result of one of their spells of pressure when Fife couldn’t get the puck out of the zone, this time Rene Jarolin finding the net.

It was 3-2 on the PP at 39:31 as Petran’s shot from the blue line came off Regan, and seemed to spin backwards, perfectly for Jade Portwood to net.

The third period was wide open, and Fife delivered a great goal to tie it at 43:54 - Fleming doing well to hold the puck up for Chaumont who shot home while sliding on to the ice down the right hand side.

The next goal was always going to be the winner - Fleming pinged the outside of the post with one shot - and it came as the clock simply ran out and everyone was anticipating overtime.

Hartmann rang the red light and took the MoM award, with Jamie Milam the Fife choice.

‘‘The guys are regretting that,’’ said Todd Dutiaume. ‘‘They were ten seconds from at least one point.

‘‘We prepared them for this from the final buzzer last night and talked about how Caps were no push overs - they are a team growing in confidence.

‘‘We tired a bit and that may have bee due to the high intensity game last night, but we simply have to be prepared to play two games each weekend.’’