Flyers coach in charge of “two different teams”

Chris Wands holds off NHL player Anthony Stewart. Fife Flyers v Nottingham Panthers. Pic: Steve Gunn, shotbyagunn photography
Chris Wands holds off NHL player Anthony Stewart. Fife Flyers v Nottingham Panthers. Pic: Steve Gunn, shotbyagunn photography
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FIFE Flyers coach Todd Dutiaume has told his players they are risking their place in the line-up by failing to perform on the road.

The Kirkcaldy side are currently on a six-game losing streak, with five of the six defeats coming away from home.

Flyers have won just one road game all season and Dutiaume is now concerned that he is in charge of two different Flyers teams.

“We play like two different teams at home and on the road,” he told the Press.

“At home we’re playing very well, showing a killer instinct and will to win, but that’s been sorely lacking away from home.

“You need your best guys to lead and I don’t think we’ve got the best out of our top line on the road.

“This is not a half-and-half league. You can’t just show up at home.

“To compete you need to steal points on the road and that’s something we haven’t done.

“Behind the scenes we’re trying lots of things but it’s not transferring onto the ice right now.”

Dutiaume admitted that a change of personnel may be required if results do not improve.

And he showed he means business by benching HIMSELF during Saturday night’s defeat to Nottingham Panthers.

“The puck wasn’t my friend on Saturday night,” he said.

“My game has been pretty decent lately and I’ve been happy to be out there playing but I was garbage for parts of my shift out there.

“I said in the dressing room that if you’re not performing you won’t play, and it has to start from the top and go all the way down.

“I sit out, Scoony goes on and all of a sudden that line comes alive for a couple of shifts.

“It’s another import down but these guys know if they don’t show up on the road they’ll be the ones sitting there hurting the team.

“Sometimes all it takes is for them to miss one shift to realise they are not in their comfort zone and they need to step it up a notch.

“Passengers will not play.”

Dutiaume may also look at a change of tactics in order to address his team’s dismal away form.

“We can look at a change of personnel but we could look at a few different systems,” he said.

“If guys are feeling they can’t skate then we maybe go back to the trap we played last year – boring, bland, negative hockey.

“But when it comes to winning we’ll do what it takes.”

Flyers let a 3-1 lead slip in Hull on Saturday with a performance that bore a striking resemblance to the defeat in Braehead the previous week.

Dutiaume added: “Just like the Braehead game, Hull had no answers to us in the first period. We were jumping and going.

“But we came out for the second frame and did not stick to the systems that we’ve been practicing and working on.

“It seems we go a couple of goals up and guys think it’s points night, and start to go a little renegade, but if don’t have the hard work out there for our systems then it won’t transfer over.

“I’ve also heard this argument that we’re thin and that’s why guys getting are tired, but you cannot say that you’re tired in the second period of the first game of weekend.

“If guys are tired they are not taking care of bodies properly, or not getting enough rest.

“We’re sitting here knowing we should have taken points from our away games but we let them slip through our fingers. That’s the bitter pill to swallow.”