Flyers coach wants team to go from good to great

Todd Dutiaume, head coach, on the Flyers bench. Credit: Richard Davies
Todd Dutiaume, head coach, on the Flyers bench. Credit: Richard Davies

Fife Flyers head coach Todd Dutiaume believes only small margins are stopping his ‘good’ team from becoming ‘great’.

Dutiaume was frustrated as Flyers turned a possible 2-1 victory into a 3-2 defeat in the closing stages of Saturday’s Challenge Cup match against Belfast Giants.

“We want to give ourselves a chance of winning something this season,” Dutiaume said.

“But if you continue to make mistakes late in the game and throw away chances to win then you’ll find yourselves a little lower in the standings than you should be.

“This is now a couple of times that we’ve lost tight games like this.

“We’re happy to progress, enough was done, but we need to have that killer instinct and ability to close out a hockey game.”

Dutiaume believes that Flyers need to take a leaf out of the Belfast work-ethic to become one of the top clubs in EIHL.

“It’s about buying in - and doing some of the less fun stuff that some of our work-horses do,” he said.

“And that’s really where you go from a good team to a great team - and we talked about that before the game.

“We do have the flashy players and guys who are game-changers, but at times guys can switch off and they don’t have that grit that an all-rounded team like Belfast has.

“We know we have a good team here - it’s border-line great. We’re in every hockey game, it’s just about doing what it takes to seal the deal.

“We can win stuff we just need that little edge.”