Flyers competing with rival clubs for reinforcements

Todd Dutiaume, head coach Fife Flyers.  Stephen Gunn Photography
Todd Dutiaume, head coach Fife Flyers. Stephen Gunn Photography

Fife Flyers are hoping to beat competition from rival Elite League clubs as they look to bring New Year reinforcements to their injury-hit squad.

Head coach Todd Dutiuame has been holding talks with possible recruits over the festive period, but admits his targets are also interesting other UK clubs.

“We’re in talks with a couple of players now, and we may find that we get something done sooner rather than later,” he said.

“However, I know that there are four teams out there looking for something very similar to what we’re looking for.

“It’s been an awful dry market and now the teams that have been looking to make changes end up scrapping over the same guys.

“It can mean that you miss out on a guy if you’re not quick – it’s just the way things move now.

“We’re committed to making improvements to this club any way we can, firstly to get healthy, and then we can make any decisions in the future that need to be made.”

Dutiaume was speaking after the 9-3 win over Edinburgh Capitals on Boxing Day which was played in front of a disappointing crowd of 1725 – over 200 down on the corresponding fixture last season.

Flyers crowds have declined in recent weeks in line with a dip in form, but Dutiaume is hopeful that a potential new signing, coupled with improved results, can bring the punters back in the new year.

“I know people want instant success – we do too – and it’s an expensive sport to watch,” he said.

“Hopefully a resounding win in this building gives the fans a little bit confidence, and we see the numbers rising.

“We’re a gate based club - that’s how this team surives – and it has been dropping.

“In this day and age it’s tough on people – they pick and choose their games– but if we can be a consistent team for them, we’d love to see this building filled back up, and get the old place rocking again.

“If we can get a new player or two in here, it would give the team a jolt, liven up the building and give people something to talk about.

“It’s no secret that we’ve replaced one player in five and a half years and fans probably want to see something like that happen.

“We brought in an extra guy (James Isaacs) and he’s doing a great job but people want to see changes, changes, changes until success comes, whereas we know we have a good group here, we’ve just got to get them playing right and Boxing Day was a glimpse of what they can do.”

Flyers were due to face Dundee Stars last night (Wednesday), and Dutiaume was hoping that the team could build on the performance against Caps.

“There’s always room for improvement, but I was glad to see us get a comfortable win, and relieve some pressure,” he said.

“We have such a talented team that the talent can sometimes get away from what was making us successful, and we end up getting in a track meet, going back and forth, end to end.

“That’s not the game or style we want to play – we want to be direct and when we are, that’s when we’re successful.”

Flyers travel to Murrayfield Ice Rink on Saturday for the annual Hogmanay fixture against Edinburgh Capitals before welcoming first footers Braehead Clan to Fife Ice Arena on Monday.

Sebastian Thinel is expected to be missing for at least another fortnight after the veteran forward suffered a broken hand in a recent defeat to Manchester.

Chase Schaber was hoping to return sooner after missing the last two games due to a virus.