Flyers embrace league changes

Fife Flyers coach Todd Dutiaume
Fife Flyers coach Todd Dutiaume

FIFE Flyers have embraced the changes made to the structure of the Elite League.

Club owners met in Nottingham on Monday and agreed on a new format for next season that will see the league split into two conferences.

The north section will include Fife, Edinburgh, Dundee, Braehead and Hull – with the south tier made up of Sheffield, Nottingham, Belfast, Cardiff and Coventry.

Flyers will play clubs in their own section four times, home and away, but will only take on the southern clubs twice, home and away.

There will be a prize for the two conference winners as well as the league championship, which will be decided on total points accumulated in all games played.

Flyers director Jack Wishart, who was part of Monday’s talks, said: “We felt we would have a more competitive league if we split it into two divisions.

“Not only that, it’s less travelling and financial burden on teams.

“Hull has drawn the long straw as they’ve got the most travelling to do in our group, but every club was in favour of the new structure.”

Flyers coach Todd Dutiaume also welcomed the changes, adding: “With us having Brits who work, it will certainly help us travel-wise.

“It took quite a toll on these guys last season. It also allows us to develop more of a rivalry with the teams closest to us.”

Another change will see the EIHL raise the number of imports permitted per side from 10 to 11.