Flyers forward Gunning for more goals

Stephen Gunn in action at Braehead Ice Arena on Sunday. Pic: Steve Gunn
Stephen Gunn in action at Braehead Ice Arena on Sunday. Pic: Steve Gunn

Stephen Gunn is hoping to help address Fife Flyers current scoring woes by becoming a more regular contributor of goals.

Gunn’s winner against Dundee Stars last Friday was only his second goal of the campaign, which added to his four assists, gives him six points from 26 games so far.

The 30-year-old is Flyers’ main British forward, icing regularly alongside imports on the third line, and he admits he has higher expectations for his own points production.

“It’s always good to get the winner, especially against Dundee, but I’m not really happy with the amount I’ve scored this season so far,” he told the Press.

“I’m playing okay - I’m getting chances and creating chances - so I’m hoping that if I keep working hard the goals will come.

“I don’t really like setting targets because you end up disappointed if you don’t hit them, but I would’ve liked around 15 to 20 points by now.

“I should’ve had a lot more points, which is the frustrating thing.

“My only target is to take more of the chances I’m getting right now.”

Gunn is not alone in his frustration at his lack of goals - import forwards TJ Caig and Jeff Lee have now gone 16 games without a goal - while only Coventry Blaze have scored fewer EIHL goals this season.

“Everyone is getting a bit frustrated with the amount of goals they are scoring,” Gunn said.

“We’re not scoring as many goals as we would like.

“It’s hard to put the finger on exactly why we’re not scoring - we’re making good enough chances in games and not finding the net which is frustrating.

“We’re not conceding much at the moment so we are giving ourselves the chance to win every game, but we’ve not been capitalising.

“We could maybe do with an 11-9 game ourselves to get the confidence going.

“If we keep working hard hopefully the goals will start going in.”

This season, for the first time since joining the Elite League in 2010, Flyers have eight forwards on the books, leaving the local Brits to compete for just one slot.

“My game has definitely come on this year playing with two imports,” Gunn said.

“There’s competition between the local guys for the spot but we’re all good friends.

“If I get dropped I would want those guys to go out and play well, and they are the same with me.

“We push each other as much as we can and we’re always encouraging each other.

“It’s good to have that competition - it keeps everyone on their toes.”

Gunn is looking forward to the weekend games against Dundee and Sheffield, but is not relishing the prospect of getting up for his work as a joiner on Monday morning.

“We tend to get back from these long trips at about five in the morning, and then most of us are up at seven for work,” he said.

“It’s not ideal, but we’re used to it now after five years.

“It doesn’t get any easier, especially the older you get.

“You can’t really sleep once you get home because you know you are up for work in a couple of hours and you don’t want to miss your alarm.

“You try to get some sleep on the bus but it’s never easy. It’s just one of those things we have to deal with.”