Flyers hit with reality check after early season hype

Ric Jackman tires to block a Dundee Stars attempt on goal. Pic: Steve Gunn
Ric Jackman tires to block a Dundee Stars attempt on goal. Pic: Steve Gunn

Fife Flyers are reflecting on a disappointing weekend following two heavy defeats home and away.

Flyers suffered their first home loss of the season on Saturday, going down 6-3 to Dundee Stars at Fife Ice Arena in the Challenge Cup.

The Kirkcaldy side then took the long bus journey to Wales on Sunday, but returned empty-handed following a 6-1 defeat to Cardiff Devils in the Elite League.

After previously winning three of their opening four games, head coach Todd Dutiaume admitted that his team have been hit with a reality check.

"We may be guilty of believing our own hype, getting off to such a great start and much was made of it," he said.

"It was a blow losing to Dundee, especially at home. I've stamped it to our supporters that we won't be out-worked, but unfortunately that wasn't the case.

"We had a game plan but the guys didn't stick to it. Dundee were by far the better team.

"We've been running a bit short on the bench and pulling a few injuries right now, but that's no excuse.

"Andrew Lord always puts together a fantastic team in Cardiff and this is probably one of the best I've seen in five years.

"It's early days for us and we've only been together a few weeks but I really need to find the right line combinations.

"With an older team this year we have to manage things a little different.

"These guys are maybe not accustomed to as much ice time as I put on my imports.

"But they'll find their feet and I'm sure we're going to be very pleased with this squad once we get them firing like they should be."

GAME SHEET 1: Fife Flyers 3 Dundee Stars 6

Flyers scoring: Stockton (1+1) Fox, Schaber (1+0) Turon, Finucci, Isaacs (0+1)

Stars scoring: Tanaka (2+1) Brannon (1+1) White, Switzer, Sides (1+0) Moore (0+2) Traversa, Hart, Poulin, Faryna, Scarsella, Edmonds (0+1).

SOGs: Fife (Owen) 38; Dundee (Fallon) 25.

PIMs: 6-6

GAME SHEET 2: Cardiff Devils 6 Fife Flyers 1

Devils scoring: Asselin (1+2) Borderleau, S.Hotham, Haddad, (1+1) Martin, Morissette (1+0) Batch, Louis (0+2) Brine, A.Hotham, Ulmer (0+1)

Flyers scoring: Dingle (1+0) Jackman, Thinel (0+1).

SOGs: Cardiff (Bowns) 19; Fife (Owen) 42.

PIMs: 12-10