Flyers look to bring in ‘quality’ signings

Fife Flyers v Whitley Warriors'Northern League play-off 2011
Fife Flyers v Whitley Warriors'Northern League play-off 2011

FIFE Flyers coach Todd Dutiaume will not rush into signing players as he looks to build a team capable of challenging in the Elite League.

With just six weeks left until the season opening challenge match against Dundee Stars, Dutiaume has yet to make a single signing.

But the Canadian player-coach insists he is not delaying, rather he is taking the necessary time to get the right players in.

“I’m in talks with a number of guys both British and imports,” Dutiaume told SportsPress. “The big thing for me is that we’re going to bring in, hopefully, quality guys and that means there’s a lot of checking up to be done.

“I’ve got eight or nine agents bombarding me with CVs every day. It could drive you around the bend the amount of guys that are available.

“The easy way would be to pick guys off a list, but I’m using three or four points of contact so I can get an in depth opinion of a guy – not just his stats.

“The biggest thing for us is how any player is going to fit into the dressing room and adjust to life over here.”

Meanwhile, Flyers will not go into debt chasing success in the Elite League.

That was the message from Dutiaume this week as he stressed the need for support from fans and businesses.

“This team is not going to run a loss like three of the teams did last year, that’s been made clear,” Dutiaume said.

“At the same time we want to be competitive so that’s going to rely on the support we get.

“We know it works two ways. People want to see a good product on the ice, and we need numbers through the door and good sponsors to make that happen.

“We’re getting a lot more traffic through our website so we’re hoping that leads to more people through the door.

“At the last count season tickets sales were not very high, but we’re hoping they pick up as we get nearer the start of the season.

“The club and the fans depend on each other.”

Elite League rules permit clubs to sign up to 10 import players, but Dutiaume revealed that Flyers quota will likely depend on season ticket sales.

“It’s a chicken and egg scenario,” he said. “Fife fans want to see a competitive team – and we want to put one out – so we’re both depending on each other.

“We’re all in this together.”

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