Flyers netminder unsatisfied despite man of the match award

Kevin Regan squares up to Blaze forward Steven Goertzen during a Coventry attack on Saturday. Pic: Steve Gunn
Kevin Regan squares up to Blaze forward Steven Goertzen during a Coventry attack on Saturday. Pic: Steve Gunn

When 2700 supporters decide you are man of the match, then you know you’ve had a good game.

Unless, you’re Fife Flyers netminder Kevin Regan.

The large crowd inside Fife Ice Arena forced announcer Dave Moran to change the award at the last second by chanting Regan’s name.

However, the 30-year-old from South Boston insisted that he wasn’t completely satisfied with his own performance after the 1-0 defeat to Coventry Blaze.

“I’m having equipment issues and weird stuff like that so I’m not really feeling 100 per cent physically or mentally,” he told the Press.

“I don’t think I’m all the way there yet - I just need to adjust a few things.

“Overall I was okay, but I still have a lot to improve on.

“As we go forward I think teams will be better offensively once they start clicking so I don’t think I can be really satisfied with that.”

Regan is also attending to a slight injury which prompted Flyers to call in back-up netminder Greg Blais for the weekend, although he wasn’t required.

“I was never a doubt,” Regan insisted. “I had a slight training injury but obviously I can’t go into it.”

Regan’s main disappointment after the game was the result.

“Obviously we wanted to start out on the right foot at home,” he said. “We want to make this a tough place for teams to play this year - it was at times last year - so it’s definitely a bit disappointing.

“It’s tough to say why we lost. We had our chances, we just weren’t burying them.

“I don’t think we played terrible, there was just a little something missing, maybe the new guys not quite clicking in just yet.

“It’s tough to take positives from a home loss but I thought we moved the puck on the powerplay really well. It was just that extra pass that was missing, or that little bit of touch around the net.

“I also thought we played pretty well defensively. There wasn’t a lot of secondary opportunities because guys were really battling in front of the net. “

Flyers diffiuclt start to the season continues this weekend with another double header against Sheffield Steelers.

“When you look at our schedule and the road buildings we have to play in this month, it was definitely important for us to take advantage of home game,” Regan said.

“It’s going to be a tough month and I think we’ll find out a lot about what we’re made of as we go forward.”