Flyers quash Elite League rumours

3610052_SSFF ice rink 'ad feature - exterior of Fife Ice Arena, St Clair Street, Kirkcaldy
3610052_SSFF ice rink 'ad feature - exterior of Fife Ice Arena, St Clair Street, Kirkcaldy

FIFE Flyers have quashed internet rumours that they have already accepted a place in next season’s Elite League.

This week, several ice hockey sources posted on Twitter that Flyers had preliminary accepted an invitation to join the Elite League next season.

However, Fife chairman Tom Muir denied this, adding: “There’s no truth in it.

“We’ve not entered into any official negotiations with the Elite League.

“I’ve spoken to people within ice hockey circles who have involvement in that league, but there have been no direct discussions.”

With the deadline for acceptance into the EIHL fast approaching – a fixtures meeting is scheduled for the end of next week – Fife fans are anxious to find out what the club’s intentions are.

But Mr Muir revealed that all options are still being considered, and that he is playing a waiting game before deciding which path to take next season.

“Nothing has changed and we’re considering all our options at the moment,” he said. “We’re still trying to establish what other clubs are doing, which will affect any decision we make.

“Certainly, before the end of this month we will need to have a firm idea over what we’re doing, but at the moment we’re waiting to see what other clubs do.

“It depends on whether there will be less teams in a league, or more teams in a league, or whether the format of leagues will be changed – these are all things we have to look at.

“There are a few options still open, but none are closed as far as I know.”

While the EIHL and the Northern League remain the two most likely destinations, Mr Muir also refused to rule out re-approaching the four-import English Premier League, which has previously knocked Fife back, adding: “All these things need to be explored.”