Arbroath 2 Raith Rovers 2: Fans views

Raith boss John McGlynn in the dugout at Gayfield (stock image). Pic: Graham Black
Raith boss John McGlynn in the dugout at Gayfield (stock image). Pic: Graham Black

Here's what you had to say after yesterday's draw at Arbroath saw Raith Rovers fail to reclaim second place in League One.

Alan Provan‏ (@alan_provan): Defenders standing about looking instead of going for the ball, have some of them lost interest?

Graeme Purvis‏ (@graeme2711): Still not good enough. What are we working on in training? Crane is useless AND uninterested. Check him out dawdling back for the 1st goal. Loan players average. Midfield really poor. Today was a microcosm of our season.

Family Ness‏ (@family_ness): The defence is shocking. Half-hearted clearances and hoof ball. Nisbet key to winning playoffs

David Reilly‏ (@DavidRe31060945): Defensive errors again cost us 2 points. When we played the ball on the ground we were playing better. Need to stop this punt up the park. I think we will still struggle to finish 2nd. (edited)

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Craig Duncan‏ (@craigd1287): Really annoying. Beginning to think McGlynn does nothing defensive in training. Same things over and over and over again. Crane down the left is a total bombscare.

John G‏ (@john_jfgv40): Complete overhaul for defence next season, unfortunately Bene will still be with us

Toot Guyan‏ (@tootguyan): Am impressed with the Rovers. Looked comfortable building from the back and had Arbroath on the back foot for long spells.

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RobbiesPark‏ (@RobbiesPark1994): You mentioned the players out through injury which didn't help, neither did our defending. Plus marks to David McKay who had a great game today.

Kenny Christie‏ (@kennychristie81): Keeping a hold of Nisbet key for next season. If Bobby Linn played today he could have grabbed a hat trick.

Martin Grainger‏ (@bigain84): Thought we were the better side, individual mistakes getting punished, because the mistakes are in the penalty area. Nisbet's form shows we can and should be confident (edited).