Bluebell ask to have league application deferred

Dundonald Bluebell general manager Allan Halliday.
Dundonald Bluebell general manager Allan Halliday.

Dundonald Bluebell are set to join the Scottish league pyramid system - but have asked for time before making the leap.

The club’s general manager, Allan Halliday, issued a statement on Thursday morning ahead of this evening’s East of Scotland League AGM.

The AGM is expected to be a busy one, with several junior sides aiming to join the set-up and start on a potential pathway to the nation’s four top leagues.

But Bluebell want to bide their time and ensure there’s a proper structure in place at the club first before moving on.

Mr Halliday said: “After careful consideration Dundonald Bluebell have requested to the East of Scotland League (EOSL) that their membership application for this league and association be deferred until the start of season 19/20.

“It is hoped this request will be accepted.

“As a club we are committed to joining the pyramid system and working towards obtaining the standard licensing criteria and see this as the future pathway for Dundonald Bluebell.

“Our decision to defer is basically four fold - 1 To allow us the time to upgrade our facilities over the next 12 months after receiving advice on what is required to meet the standards; 2 This time period will also give us the time to establish an under 20 youth team which we feel will be of great benefit to the club going forward; 3 The decision has also been influenced by the information received from the SFA to suspend current licence applications for all clubs which concerned us in terms of the delay in timeline impacting on our project plan with no guarantee when this current situation will be revoked nor any guarantee that when lifted the status quo would prevail; 4 Financially it is only beneficial for our club to be licensed at the start of any pyramid inclusion.”

Mr Halliday extended thanks to those at the club, and the EOSL, for their advice during the recent period.

“The club now looks forward to continued participation in the ERSJFA Superleague next season while committing to upgrading our facilities and developing the club both on and off the park to ensure if and when possible we can obtain our licensing requirements,” he added.