Boss wants the Parkk to become town hub

The Parkk - home of St Andrews United.
The Parkk - home of St Andrews United.

St Andrews United boss Phil McGuire says he hopes the club can be allowed to develop off the park and become a centre for sport in the area.

McGuire has been a vocal part of the St Andrews Community Club and wants to see the junior football club, and its ground, become a hub for sport across the town.

With the Saints sitting top of the East Premier League, the club is certainly getting things right on the park, and now McGuire wants to see the Saints develop even further off it.

Outlining his vision for United’s future and the role the club will play in the community, he said: “If you always have targets it keeps the lifeblood of the club and the area alive and shows continued ambitions.

“In a nutshell I feel we have a big target to aim for on the side of community club status.

“We need to put in the ground work, improve training facilities and work with young players to feed into St Andrews United or kept within the community club teams and helped to find their own career levels.

“Eventually I would love to have 5 - 19 year olds within the area and having teams for each age group.

“As for The Parkk, I would be keen to help get support and financial help to build a 3G artificial surface that will serve so many boys and girls and other teams within the area as well as schools.

“St Andrews requires this to survive and having the facilities for 250 plus athletes training and playing at a complex throughout the week is a massive advantage to kids in the areas and the wider community.”

McGuire says it’s vital that St Andrews clubs and schools have a top class 3G surface at the Parkk that can benefit the entire town across the days and evenings.

“To be able to have your own year round surface and service so many young footballers in the area as well as the local amateur teams having facilities and schools throughout the day is a massive thing that can benefit the club and the town,” said the Saints boss.

“Sponsors and investments are a must and if anybody in St Andrews is willing to help out they would not only be a credit and service to their own companies but the wider community.”