Cash donated to help Fife’s Olympiad cause

Mr Bernard Bentley and Olympiad chair John Vaughan.
Mr Bernard Bentley and Olympiad chair John Vaughan.

The Friends of Logroño recently donated over £3000 to help with costs for the Fife Olympiad effort.

The cash was given in support of their effort to raise funds to support the 172 young athletes, aged 14 to 17 who will be traveling to Böblingen to compete in 11 sports against their peers from 6 other European towns in July 2017.

Olympiad chair John Vaughan also thanked to the staff and management of Raytheon for their contribution to the Olympiad funds of £1440.

The staff had chosen the Olympiad as one of two charities that they were supporting in 2016.

A team within the company had organised several events to raise the money on the Olympiad’s behalf.

Mr Vaughan said he was surprised and pleased to receive such generous donations on behalf of the Fife Olympiad and the youngsters who will be travelling as part of the Fife team.

The very first OIympiad event was held in Böblingen in 1978 and was held in Glenrothes in 1984 and then again in 2003.

Next year sees the start of the third cycle of this event and it will be held again in Fife in 2023.

The event is based on the Olympic format with opening and closing ceremonies with sports competitions over three days.

Anyone who may wish to assist the youngsters at the event can make a direct contribution by going to Just Giving and searching for Fife Olympiad.

The photograph shows Mr Bernard Bentley, on the left, chair of Friends of Logroño handing over the cheque to the Olympiad Chair, John Vaughan.