Colts come from across the globe to meet again

St Andrews Colts 40th anniversary
St Andrews Colts 40th anniversary

A 40 year St Andrews Colts reunion attracted former players from all corners of the UK - with one even making a journey across the globe.

Such was the pull of the reunion, players dusted down their boots and travelled however far it took to be with their buddies once again.

As part of the anniversary celebrations the former players mixed with the current Colts crop at Tom Morris Park as a series of matches were played out.

A spokesman for the Colts said the arrival of so many former players was a testament to the lasting impact being part of the team had on them.

He said: “Many had come from all corners of Britain and one, Derek Kirk, from Australia, such is the importance of St Andrews Colts to them all.

“And understandably so, as the club is a huge part of the community’s sporting life.”

The final match saw the visitors take to the field again as they mixed with current and past club coaches in a keenly contested match.

“In the final game, the gathering crowd was impressed by the skills still possessed by the players, although the number of rolling subs went far beyond FIFA’s guidelines,” added the spokesman.

“We think the final score was 3-3 and discussion raged in the changing rooms after over a few orange quarters as to who was man of the match,” added the spokesman.

“As far as St Andrews Colts are concerned they all were.

“For many within the community, Saturday was devoted to celebrating this landmark in the history of the club.

“Many willing helpers contributed to the success of the stalls which accompanied the play.

“The reminiscing and acknowledgement of the great contribution of all connected with the Colts over the years at a dinner/dance in the university union brought the festivities to a very happy conclusion.”

The club first took to the field in 1976 and is still very much part of the sporting fabric of the town.