East Fife boss Darren Young wants to kick off again in October

The Scottish Championship is set to return competitively on October 17 - and East Fife boss Darren Young wants League One to join them.
Darren YoungDarren Young
Darren Young

As long as the country continues to safely ease out of coronavirus restrictions, the nation’s second tier has given a provisional starting date for a shortened season before Halloween.

Leagues one and two are yet to have a date set for their return, but Young is in no doubt that they should be working towards the same day.

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The East Fife boss said this week: “It’s good to have a bit of clarity and hopefully we can kick on and move into the next process now we know what the leagues are going to be like.

“I don’t see any reason why we can’t play in October as well.

“We’re in June so still have July, August, September and then into October so you’re still four months away and we should be coming back the same time as them.

“If it’s going to just the 27 games then everybody has to accept that and we deal with it and move on.

“There are four months to get things in place and set up.

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“The Premier is out first and then you’ll have a few months on the back of that to see how they progress and perform.

“The rate is going down and things are starting to get back to normal so you’d think that, in four months time, things will be even more normal.”

At the start of the week another restructuring model of 14-10-10-10 was rejected by Scottish clubs.

It means the relegations of Hearts, Partick Thistle and Stranraer are confirmed, although the Tynecastle Park side are currently in the early stages of a legal challenge against the decision.