An ill wind blowing at Bayview

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EAST Fife chairman, Sid Collumbine, told the Mail he reckoned referee Stephen Finnie jumped the gun by calling off Monday’s Boxing Day fixture with Dumbarton.

The whistler made the call because of high winds in Methil, saying it made conditions impossible for the players.

However, the Fifers’ chief said the fixture should have been given the opportunity to kick off, to see if the conditions improved.

Mr Collumbine said: “The game should have started.

“It should have been given half and hour and then, if we couldn’t have played football, then stop it.

“We were expecting a good game and already had a bus load of Dumbarton fans through.

“This will have cost us a lot of money and we now haven’t had a game for three weeks.”

East Fife manager, John Robertson, admitted the call-off was “frustrating” but conceded that he could understand the decision.

He said: “Across on the stand side, the wind was OK but, on the other side of the park, the players couldn’t hit the box with a corner.

“Alan (Adamson, Dumbarton manager) was saying they played a game against Cowdenbeath in similar conditions recently and it should never have started.

“It’s frustrating for the fans and the players because, if we could have beaten Dumbarton, then we’d have gone above them.”

Attention now turns to Monday’s derby fixture with Cowdenbeath, with the boss saying he expects to be without a couple of key players.

“Mark Ridgers and Rob Ogleby will now go back to Hearts and we won’t know what we’re doing with them, probably until the end of January,” said Robertson.

“We’ll maybe have to look at bringing a couple of players in and will hopefully have a couple back from injury as well.”

The manager used the call-off to play a nine-a-side bounce match on the Fifers’ training surface.