Fifers attract hundreds to supporters side

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WITH almost 200 young players under its umbrella, the East Fife Junior Supporters Club (EFJSC) plays an enormous part in the local community.

Youngsters are invited to be part of the club from the ages of five years-old to 17 and offered accredited coaching, to ensure the best in Levenmouth talent stays in this area.

Boys and girls are invited to the club, which has strong links with the professional East Fife FC, and train across the area, including at Bayview and the Savoy centre.

Lorna McAuley, vice-chair of the EFJSC, told the Mail about how much of a pivotal part the youth organisation plays in Levenmouth, and the enormous scale of its set-up.

She said: “Anybody, boys and girls, can join and it’s all about youth development.

“The teams usually train twice a week, with the first night being open to the community and the second really being for the squad players to train as a team and work on things.

“We have SFA-accredited coaches with each team and there are around 40 of them as part of the EFJSC, as well as around 200 children.”

But the costs of running such a large scale group aren’t cheap and, apart from regular subscription charges for players, the club is reliant on sponsorship from groups or individuals.

Lorna is hopeful that a sponsor may come along to provide for the entire group.

Those who regularly go along to Bayview to watch East Fife may have noticed the teams taking to the pitch at half-time to show off their skills.

Lorna added it was all part of their development.

“They absolutely love it,” she said.

“It’s great for them to get out and play on that surface and in front of a crowd.

“When they were out there at the Queen of the South game, I turned around and the whole stand was standing up watching them.”

If you may be interested in helping the EFJSC financially, call Lorna on 0750 536 2118.