Following in the family’s bootsteps...

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Forget like father, like son – at East Fife it’s a case of like grandfather, like grandson when it comes to signings across the generations.

It’s well known that former First Minister Henry McLeish, originally from Kennoway, donned the black and gold strip of his local team back in the 1960s so he was proud as punch recently when grandson Cameron Wilson (12) signed for the club’s newly-created Pro Youth Team.

However, what is not so widely known is that young Cameron’s signing is actually a hat-trick for the family as Henry’s grandfather, Henry Baird, also played for the club a century ago.

“I’m delighted that Cameron’s been given this opportunity by my old club,” Henry said of the third generation connection.

His grandfather played for East Fife from 1909 to 1914 and Henry still has some fascinating memorabilia from those days, like his grandfather’s team sheets and a record of his wages, a grand total of nine shillings.

Only time will tell if Cameron will follow in his grandfather and great-great grandfather’s footsteps.

The Pro Youth Team, started last season as part of a Scottish Football Association initiative, takes players from East Fife Junior Supporters Club.

“It’s a great way to bring young players on and they’ll be playing other clubs all over Scotland,” said Robert Cargill, joint head of youth development at East Fife.