Sorry for being a pain in the grass

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EAST Fife gaffer John Robertson has apologised for any offence he caused regarding comments he made about the New Bayview Pitch following Saturday’s League Cup game against Elgin City.

Robbo hit out at the normally sublime surface, describing it as “shocking” adding he felt the grass had been allowed to grow too long, making it difficult for both sides to pass the ball around.

However, having let the dust settle over the weekend, a more relaxed Robertson, speaking to the official East Fife website, said: “I have been made aware that my comments about the state of the Bayview pitch for Saturday’s League Cup game against Elgin City have caused a stir!

“Whilst I accept that the use of the word ‘shocking’ may have been far too extreme, these comments were made five minutes after a very frustrating afternoon to the press, and in hindsight should have been dealt with in a more discreet and private manner.

“I have never been critical of the pitch before as it has rightly been praised by our players, opposition players and myself on numerous occasions and has deservedly won awards, such is the high quality that the surface condition is normally in.

“On Saturday the grass was too long and although it looked OK from the sidelines it was a bit on the long side and was criticised by our opposition players and management, and even mentioned by the officials as being long and dry which is disappointing considering the immaculate condition it is normally in. My comments were purely frustration after seeing two passing teams struggling to move the ball in a way that they and their respective fans would like to see them perform

“This was in no way whatsoever a criticism of Dave Marshall or of any of the volunteers who do a tremendous job, not just on the pitch but at the stadium itself and with the kit, and I will personally explain my comments to those concerned as I have the highest regard for the job everyone does at the stadium

“I believe we have a very good opportunity to improve on last season’s performance and with the players we have and the normal bowling green style of pitch at our disposal it can only help our cause as we attempt to finish up the league as high as possible

“I hope this clears up Saturday’s comments, and I apologise whole heartedly for any offence my after match comments may have had as, like everyone else, I only want what is best for the team and the club and both Gordon and I appreciate the back up and support we get from everyone associated with East Fife FC and we hope together we can have a successful season.”