Euan aims for a Raith response

Raith defender Euan Murray (pic by Fife Photo Agency)Raith defender Euan Murray (pic by Fife Photo Agency)
Raith defender Euan Murray (pic by Fife Photo Agency)
Raith Rovers defender Euan Murray says the team know they let the fans down during Saturday's draw with East Fife.

Murray is now determined to put matters right on the pitch when they travel to play Airdrie in a League One clash on Saturday.

“Everyone was disappointed on Saturday,” he said, “I don’t think we played particularly well, all the boys know that, we let ourselves down.

“We understand that the fans weren’t happy.

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“The one positive that we would take from it is that we were poor, but we still came away with a point.

“We didn’t lose and I think that shows a good togetherness and mental strength. It shows that, even when we don’t play well, it’s important that try and walk away with at least a point.

“But make no bones about it, playing here at home against anyone we should be walking away with three points.”

Murray says the team needs to learn to “win ugly” when things aren’t going well on the pitch.

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“On the day I thought it wasn’t really happening for us, though that wasn’t from a lack of trying.

“As players it’s down to us to recognise on the park that we need to find a way to win a game, regardless of whether we might not be playing the nicest football.

“I think that was something we did well last season. There were times when we weren’t maybe having the best of games but we still managed to grind out three points.

“If we are having an off day we need to be able to turn it around so we can walk away saying, OK, we didn’t play well, but we still won the game.”

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As a natural centre half, Murray says he’s growing into the left back role that he has been asked to play and is enjoying it, though knows he has a lot still to learn.

“You can always do more, I’m one for saying that. I’d never come out and say I was excellent,” he said.

“I’m especially trying to get myself forward more and into more attacking positions and help out in that away.

“But as long as I’m playing and contributing to the team I’m happy to play wherever.

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Murray and his team mates now face Airdrie who have two wins and one loss so far this season.

“Airdrie is not the easiest place to go and they’ve brought in some good, experienced players over the summer who know this league well,” he said.

“It’ll be tough but everywhere we go in this league we should be demanding of ourselves to go and win three points and I don’t think Saturday should be any different.”