No pain in the rain for slick Tayport


Thursday, 14th October 2021, 7:56 am
Updated Thursday, 14th October 2021, 7:56 am
Tayport celebrate after finding the back of the net during their convincing win. Pic by Ryan Masheder

Tayport faced Blairgowrie on Saturday at home. Once again, the team were up against miserable weather conditions, but managed to put on a good performance despite the muddy pitch. Tayport immediately took control of the game with Dayle Robertson taking an early shot at a goal after being passed the ball by Lyall Shaw. The shot was saved by Blairgowrie keeper, Cameron Johnstone. Tayport didn’t take long in securing a lead, with Kieron Sturrock scoring on the 10-minute mark. Sturrock made a good run with the ball before playing a one-two with Robertson and smashing the ball past Johnstone. Blairgowrie came back fighting and Cameron McManus came close to a goal before being blocked by Louis Joyce. Similarly, Blairgowrie’s Gary Axworthy looked to score but was thwarted by Jamie Hume before the ball was caught by Tayport’s keeper, Gary Thain. Ewan White received a corner which Tayport were not able to take full advantage of soon after and Blair’s Matthew Adam took a shot which was swiftly saved by Thain. In the 26th minute Dayle Robertson made it two goals for Tayport after slipping the ball past Johnstone. Blairgowrie saw multiple yellow cards from the referee, one to Ryan Beedie which resulted in a penalty. This was taken by Dayle Robertson who’s shot was initially saved by Johnstone, despite this he looked in with a chance of scoring after just catching the rebound but was blocked by Blairgowrie’s defences. Both teams fought on for the remaining minutes of the match, but the score remained 2-0 going into half time.

The second half started well for Tayport with Dayle Robertson and Ewan White creating plenty of chances. Kieron Sturrock again looked to score but his shot was caught by Johnstone. In the 73rd minute Ewan White made it 3 for Tayport with a goal. Chances continued to appear for both sides with both Johnstone and Thain working hard to keep the ball out of the net. Kris Rollo was replaced by Sam Sanchez who entered the match strongly, almost immediately assisting Daniel Dorovic in Tayport’s fourth and final goal in the 87th minute. Sanchez received and quickly passed the ball on to Dorovic who made a good run up to the goal, with Johnstone running to meet him. Dorovic shot the ball past Johnstone in the last second, letting it fly into an empty goal. Blairgowrie made one last ditch effort at a goal with Ryan Beedie taking a wide shot which flew into the bushes. The match ended Tayport 4-0 Blairgowrie. After the match, Kieron Sturrock was named the Tayport Distillery man of the match.

Tayport Team

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Gary Thain

Louis Joyce

Craig Sturrock

Jadel Musanhu

Jamie Hume

Kris Rollo (Sanchez)

Ewan White (Dorovic)

Jamie McCabe

Dayle Robertson

Kieran Sturrock

Lyall Shaw (Paterson)


Daniel Dorovic

Sam Sanchez

Brad Ness

Ryan Paterson

Darren Brown