Livingston Utd 5-1 Newburgh

Newburgh, in red and white, struggled to contain their hosts. Pic by Graham Strachan.
Newburgh, in red and white, struggled to contain their hosts. Pic by Graham Strachan.

Newburgh’s 2019 got off to a poor start with the trip over the Queensferry Crossing resulting in a defeat to Livingston United.

Livingston have proven a strong side in the league this season and their experience showed against Newburgh.

They took the lead on the 16th minute when a lovely cross was flicked up into the top corner of the goal by McLean.

Newburgh reacted instantly and dragged themselves level within 90 seconds of the re-start.

Good work in the box by Hughes and Sutherland made space for Sean MacBride to drive a shot low into the net.

Livingston were awarded a penalty on the half hour when an overhead kick was handled in the area by Clark.

Sutherland made a fantastic save from the spot kick but the ball fell to a Livingston player from the rebound.

The ball was smashed home only for the referee to award Newburgh a free kick for offside much to the amazement of everyone in the ground

As thoughts were beginning to turn to half time the home side took the lead. A deflected cross fell to Bryan Jaconelli who had time to pick his spot.

With 60 minutes played Livingston scored a fantastic goal playing the ball out from the back, through the midfield into the wide area where a cross was stood up for Tony Jaconelli lift the ball into the net.

Newburgh had to chase the game from this point onwards and with the home side soaking up the ‘Burgh attacks spaces began to appear in the Newburgh defence for Livingston to exploit.

Tony Jaconelli added his second and Livingston’s 4th goal with 19 minutes to play and a final goal was scored by McGurk in added on time to give the game a slightly lopsided score at the end of play.

Newburgh: C Sutherland, Milton (Skinner 76), Clark, Johal, Hall, Hutchison, Smart, F Robinson, Hughes (Hastie 62), Sutherland (C Robinson 62), MacBride.