McGlynn: Raith Rovers can’t get carried away with form of wonderkid Kieron Bowie

Dumbarton  v Raith Rovers - Bowie sprints away from Crawford - credit- Fife Photo Agency
Dumbarton v Raith Rovers - Bowie sprints away from Crawford - credit- Fife Photo Agency

Raith Rovers manager John McGlynn has heaped praise on teenager Kieron Bowie but urged fans not to get carried away with the striker’s form.

The 16-year-old nicknamed Ziggy has been a revelation in the early weeks of the season, scoring three times while producing impressive performances for his age.

McGlynn is delighted with Bowie’s progress but advised caution over putting too much expectation on the youngster’s shoulders.

“It’s always a bit special when one of your own come through,” he said.

“The fans can relate to a player, who even at such a tender age, has been standing on the touchline with them.

“It’s a bit like Roy of the Rovers stuff, and he’s playing to a very high standard.

“He’s gaining in confidence all the time, and adjusting to this level of football very well, considering where he’s came from in a very short period of time.

“He’s taking everything in his stride, but what we can’t do is get carried away.

“We had a young lad here in pre-season who was down at Manchester United at 16, and he’s at Brechin now.

“Obviously Kieron is different in that physically you can see there’s a difference there, but he’s got to continue his development.

“I don’t have any doubts over that because he’s quite a level-headed boy.

“At the moment he’s basically living the dream, but we have to recognise that, unfortunately, he will drop off at some point.

“I’ve worked with young guys for a long time and I seen it as youth team coach at Hearts for 11 years.

“We can’t continue to play Kieron for 25 games solid. Somewhere along the line he’ll have a dip in form, and that’s when it gets tough.

“But it’s coming out the other end that’s so important, and that’s when we’ve really got to look after him.

“In the meantime, he’s flying, gaining in confidence and he’s in the team on merit.

“When he comes off the park he’s left nothing on it and that’s the best thing you can have as a manager.

“That’s what the fans what to see, because that’s what they would do if they were on the pitch, and it covers a multitude of sins.”