McGlynn's dismay after Raith Rovers v Dunfermline derby is left in the dark

A visibly upset John McGlynn said the abandonment of the Fife derby due to a power cut was “a nightmare”.

Friday, 20th August 2021, 10:01 pm
Referee Gavin Duncan speaks with John McGlynn (left) and Dunfermline manager Peter Grant (Pic: Fife Photo Agency)

The Raith Rovers boss struggled to control his emotions when speaking to the press after suffering the disappointment of the Friday night match against Dunfermline being called off after just 10 minutes with the score at 0-0.

He said it was a huge low after a long day filled with anticipation.

“It’s hopeless,” he said, “you’re on an emotional roller coaster all day.

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"You get up in the morning and have to wait until quarter to eight at night for the game.

"I ended up walking from Wallyford to Musselburgh and back to get a coffee to try and kill some time.

"In the build up to the game you’re hyper. You get in and there’s the noise form the fans and the atmosphere.

“Then just 10 minutes in it’s pulled away from you.”

McGlynn said he began to worry if the match would be able to go ahead during the first blackout prior to kick off.

"We came out, we did the warm up, everything was hunky dory and then all the lights went out. They were out everywhere.

“I thought at that point there were doubts about the game but lo and behold, they went back on and we thought we had the game going.

“The linesman came down and gave us the nod to get going.

“We didn’t start at our best but there was a long way to go and I’m sure we’d have got going. Then I saw security getting involved with the fourth official who called over the referee.

“I thought ‘has somebody said something in one of the dugouts’? Then he pulled us across and said there was no electricity in the two stands, there’s no CCTV, there’s 500 fans outside trying to get in and it’s a safety issue.”

He added: “We can only apologise. It’s something that is unforeseen.

"Now as a football club we will need to see what the issue was and how we can fix it.”

The club issued a statement after the match in which it both apologised and said engineers were already investigating the issue.

It read: “The club would like to apologise to everyone impacted by the abandonment of tonight’s fixture.

“This was due to an electrical issue which, as of yet, is unresolved.

“Electrical engineers are still looking to identify the root cause of why the power failure affected certain areas of the stadium.

“It was due to this power issue that floodlights, fire alarms, smoke alarms, stand and concourse lighting as well as electrical supply into parts of the ground failed.

“The Police Scotland Match Commander decided that in the interest of Public Safety that the game could not continue.

“A full investigation between the SFA, SPFL, football club, stewarding company and Police Scotland is ongoing.

“Further information including rescheduling of the fixture will be provided in due course.

“We appreciate your patience and understanding at this time for what has been a difficult evening for everyone.”