Newburgh 1-5 Coupar Angus

Newburgh's Josh Wilson with ball at his foot.
Newburgh's Josh Wilson with ball at his foot.

Newburgh were without manager and midfielder, father and son Alan and Steve Fortune, for this league fixture with Steve’s wedding taking precedence over the fixture.

The game was only five minutes in when Coupar Angus took the lead from the spot.

The lead was doubled when a through ball caught out the home defence who were struggling to cope with the pace of the Coupar Angus front line.

Newburgh’s goal was breached again on the stroke of half time when a slip up on midfield left the defence exposed to the pace of the Coupar attack who managed to convert the chance to go into the dressing room with a three goal advantage.

Coaches Al-Safar and Graeme Soutar rang the changes at half time taking Ross Cook and Glenn Lumsden off replaced by Jack Saunders and Kieran Foy.

The changes were just settling into the game when another goal was scored by the visitors.

The mountain became unsurmountable on the 53rd minute when another goal was lost all to easily.

At 5-0 down Newburgh could have shut down and stifled the game but credit to the home side they continued to play and were rewarded with a consolation goal scored by the very lively Kieran Foy.

Soutar could not hide his disappointment at full time,

“The learning curve is massive for a lot of the lads and this squad needs to waken up to the fact that at junior level mistakes are punished,” he said.

“Possession is all good and well but conversion of chances wins games.

“We have to learn to do the hard work off the ball, there is no room at this level to admire a 30-yard pass and switch off.”

This weekend Newburgh travel to Forfar Albion.

Newburgh - Warrender, O’Brien, Peletier, Cook (Foy 45), F Wilson, Perrie, Connolly, J Wilson, Anderson, Lumsden (Saunders 45), Fowler (Al-Nadaf 65).