Raith Rovers striker Vaughan says he will battle back once again

Raith Rovers striker Lewis Vaughan says he is determined to battle back from his latest serious injury.

By Paul McCabe
Thursday, 9th September 2021, 9:00 am
Lewis Vaughan in action against Brechin City earlier this season (Pic: Fife Photo Agency)
Lewis Vaughan in action against Brechin City earlier this season (Pic: Fife Photo Agency)

Aged just 25, the forward has been ruled out for the remainder of the season after rupturing his ACL – the fourth time he has suffered the same injury.

With the tear happening in his left knee, it's now twice in both that the cruciate problem has occurred.

Speaking to the FFP, he said it happened with no warning in training.

Vaughan in action against Brechin City earlier this season.

“I just pushed off in a left hand direction and felt it go.

“It's uncontrollable. There's no indication that it's going to happen. There's no sign of weakness, it's not sore, it just happens at the click of a finger.

“I knew straight away what it was.

“It was hard to take. In my head I was thinking, it's the fourth time and I don't know anyone who has come back from this four times.

Lewis Vaughan

“I was thinking, am I going to play again? Is this the last time I'm ever going to be on a pitch? In that moment you just don't know.

“It's sunk in now though, but it's difficult.”

With an operation estimated by the end of October, the Edinburgh-born hitman says he will do everything he can to get back on the pitch at Stark’s Park.

“I've spoken to the specialist in detail and he's told me he can fix my knee, get it back to 100 per cent and get me back playing.

“I still want to play football, I'm only 25. I don't think anyone has come back from four ACLs, but if somebody can it's me.

“I'm determined to give it another shot. I don't want to get to 35 and think I had another eight or nine years that I cut short because of injuries.

“So if it takes nine or 10 months, or even 15 months, I just want to get back playing. Whatever happens after that, it happens.

“I want to give it my all and I still believe I can, but it's hard to take, knowing that I'm not going to be playing football for a long time.”

From his seat in the stand on Saturday, Vaughan witnessed the Rovers fans’ 10th minute round of applause in his honour and said he was “delighted” when he heard it.

"It was a really nice moment. Quite emotional.

“I really appreciate how the fans have stuck by me.”