27-11-94 - a historic day but what are your memories of it?

Ally Gourlay at Stark's Park. Pic: FPA
Ally Gourlay at Stark's Park. Pic: FPA
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It’s almost 20 years to the day since Raith Rovers triumphed in the Coca Cola Cup Final - a day never to be forgotten by those who witnessed it.

Some 10,000 left Kirkcaldy that day, with the same number back at home eagerly glued to their televisions on that Sunday afternoon.

Now we’re asking you to share your memeories of that famous day with us!

We want you to tell us where you were and who you were with as Rovers defeated Celtic to lift the Coca-Cola Cup, and we’ll put them into our special Hall of Fame supplement which we will be publishing ahead of the sell out event at the Adam Smith Theatre on November 10.

This year will be the third Hall of Fame evening - which sold out in record time - and it’s a special anniversary night to mark 20 years since Rovers lifted their first ever major trophy.

Nearly all of the Rovers squad have agreed to appear, as have many of the Celtic side including Charlie Nicholas who will be appearing as one the main speakers alongside his Sky Sports colleague, Jeff Stelling.

The orgainsing committee, Allan Crow, Willie MacGregor, Alistair Cameron and Ally Gourlay are hard at work putting together the final touches to the event.

And Ally, media officer at Raith Rovers, said he remembers the final vividly.

“On the day of the cup final itself I came to Kirkcaldy and it was a crisp, sunny morning as I recall. I met my brothers and we went down to the town centre where there were a load of buses leaving.

“Going over the Kingston Bridge and seeing Ibrox in the distance it all became real then. It had been a bit surreal travelling on a bus to a cup final - Rovers didn’t get to cup finals!”

Watching the team coming out Ally said he was bursting with pride: “Then we went a goal up and it was brilliant and of course Celtic equalised and then got a second. I was thinking close but no cigar, but one last attempt - come on!”

And one last attempt there was, Ally remembers it vividly.

“I can still see it in slow motion - Jason Dair’s cross, Gordon Marshall spilling it and then Daz getting on the end of it.

“I was at the other end of the ground in the top left of the stand and it was just bedlam.

“I remember turning to my brother and saying ‘we’ve won it.’ And then when we went to penalties I was thinking that this was the semi final all over again, we’re going to win it.

“Each one of our penalties went in then Celtic were at the back of us and they were doing the same and I must admit I didn’t expect Paul McStay to miss it, but when Scott Thomson saved it I just burst into tears.

“Everything that had happened since I started watching the Rovers in ‘67 was all leading up to that point. It was a really incredible feeling.

“I can watch the footage and still burst into tears even though I’ve seen it a thousand times before!”

Gordon Dalziel’s goal - I’ll never see another like it!

We asked the some of sponsors of the Hall of Fame night to share their memories of the final from back in 1994.

Willie MacGregor of MacGregor’s Solicitors - one of the show organisers - says his two abiding memories are the fantastic support that Rover took through on the day and the famous goal from Gordon Dalziel which took the match into extra time.

“What I remember is going to meet up with everyone at The Steadings,” he said.

“Driving through the town first thing on a Sunday morning and everywhere just being packed with Rovers supporters getting ready to go to the match.

“That was an amazing sight. That’s a great memory.

“My best memory of the match is Gordon Dalziel’s goal.

‘‘We were really low after Celtic scored what you would think would be the winning goal and then within a few minutes a kind of poor shot from the edge of the box from Jason Dair bobbled up and Dalziel scored.

“There will never be another goal like it ever again. That goal is more of a memory for me even more than the penalties, of course even though they were all great but that goal really stands out for me.”

Davie Hunter of D&G Autocare in Nicol Street says he remembers the crowds celebrating in Kirkcaldy after returning home from Glasgow.

“It was a fantastic weekend,” he said.

“The game and result were tremendous.

“One thing I remember is how busy the pubs and clubs on Kirkcaldy High Street were after the match. They were absolutely mobbed!

“I don’t think I’ve seen anything like it in Kirkcaldy since.

“At that time the Raith player Colin Cameron was my brother-in-law, he was married to my wife’s sister, we met him off the bus.

We went into Nicols with him and the place just absolutely erupted! It was quite surreal.

“My main memory is that it was just a fantastic occasion and one that will probably never be repeated.”


You’ve read others memories of that quite incredible day - now it’s over to you! What were you doing on November 27, 1994. Did you go to the game?

Were you watching it at home? Were you unable to go and listened on the radio?

Do you remember the party on the High Street afterwards?

Whatever your memory is of Rovers famous win we’d love to hear it.

You can get in touch with us in a few different ways.

Email us at ffpnews@fifetoday.co.uk or write to 23 Kirk Wynd, Kirkcaldy, KY1 1EP.

Or if you’d prefer you can post your memories on our Fife Free Press Facebook page. We’ll be printing the results in our Hall of Fame supplement in November.

So come on - get writing!