Academy director suspended – then quits

Jimmy Lindsay, Rob Roy manager
Jimmy Lindsay, Rob Roy manager

RAITH Rovers have insisted that no decision has been made on the future of its youth academy following the shock departure of Jimmy Lindsay.

The academy director was suspended by the club last week and was due to attend a disciplinary hearing with directors on Monday.

However, Mr Lindsay tendered his resignation over the weekend, insisting that his decision to quit was based on planned cut backs within the academy – and unrelated to the club’s investigation.

Mr Lindsay told SportsPress: “I found out three weeks ago that the Board was having meetings about making cut backs within the youth academy. I questioned this, and never got a reply.

“The issue I was suspended over had nothing to do with the football club. It was between me and an outside football agency.

“I have resigned as decisions regarding the future of the academy were made without my knowledge or input, not because I was suspended.”

Raith director Turnbull Hutton admitted that the club is considering the Academy’s future, but insisted that no decisions have yet been made.

He explained: “The Academy is a major cost to the club and the football authorities are again changing the structure of youth football.

“It is therefore incumbent for the club to look at what will serve us best. The Board has talked about that – and we are aware of the options available to us.

“They range from keeping it as it is, to not having it at all, or something in between. All have been talked about, but no decision has been made.

“Jimmy Lindsay’s statement is errant nonsense and has nothing whatsoever to do with why he is no longer at the football club.”

The club plan to bring the circumstances of Mr Lindsay’s suspension to the attention of the Scottish FA and Scottish Football League once its own internal enquiries have been completed.

Raith manager John McGlynn has assumed the additional role of academy director on an interim basis.