Bruised and battered Anderson happy with Dens Park point

Grant Anderson is brought down by Marc Fitzpatrick to win a penalty against Morton. Pic: Neil Doig
Grant Anderson is brought down by Marc Fitzpatrick to win a penalty against Morton. Pic: Neil Doig

Grant Anderson left Dens Park battered and bruised after helping Raith Rovers to a hard fought point on Tuesday night.

Anderson played a key role at both ends of the pitch as Rovers attacked Dundee at will in the first half, then defended for their lives after the break.

And the winger - one of five Rovers players to require physio treatment on the night - was delighted with the goalless draw.

“It was a good attacking display in the first half and a good defensive display in the second,” he told the Press.

“We had chances in the first half. I’ve had one that rolled down my face and hit my knee and it’s just hit the ‘keeper - anywhere else and it’s a goal.

“In the second half they had to go for it - they want to win the league so we expected them to put pressure on us - but we defended well.

“Considering how we’ve been defending in recent weeks, it was much better.”

Anderson was clobbered several times by Dundee defenders as Rovers persisted with the tactic of aiming most bye-kicks in his direction.

“Lots of balls come out to me at bye-kicks, so if I win two or three in a row, I’m going to frustrate defenders and they’re going to come through the back of me, or into the side of me,” he said.

“I landed on my back and my shoulder a few times but I know it’s a small squad so I don’t want to come off when I don’t have to.”

Anderson insists he doesn’t mind being used as cannon fodder for goal kicks.

“As long as I can help the team,” he said. “My flick-ons can sometimes result in attacks, so I’m just happy to do my bit.

“I’ve never been at a team where I’ve been constantly used like that before, but Raith seem to try and exploit it, and it’s working alright.”

Anderson hopes Rovers performance at Dens is a sign that they are over their recent poor run of form.

“We ARE a good team,” he stressed. “I know that run was terrible but hopefully we’ve seen the back of it now and we know we can challenge with teams like that.

“We were confident going up to Dundee - Saturday’s win helped. There was lots of pressure on that game and we showed character in coming from behind to beat Morton - that gave us a big lift.”