Club has lot to look forward to

Tom Morgan has joined the board at Raith Rovers
Tom Morgan has joined the board at Raith Rovers

TOM Morgan is the new face in the Raith Rovers boardroom and says he’s excited about the club’s future.

The lifelong Rovers fan has taken up the position of commercial director after Bill O’Neil stepped down though he said it was an opportunity that he wasn’t expecting!

Tom says his first visit to Stark’s Park was in 1956: “My Dad brought me to see the reserves play Partick Thistle! My first time seeing the first team in action was against Rangers. George Niven was in goals for them so that would have been the last 50s and I’ve been coming ever since. I’m here every week.”

Tom recently retired after a career in financial services. “I worked with a national insurance company for 20 years in various sales, management and training roles.

“Ten years ago I decided to go on my own and I became an independent financial authority. So that was 30 years in total which I thoroughly enjoyed. I liked speaking to people in the industry.

“Then I retired two years ago, and worked part-time for about a year. After that I thought I was just going to play golf! But this summer the weather was rotten and I’m a good friend of director Eric Drysdale so I offered to help out at Rovers and now here I am!

“I knew the rest of the guys on the board too and when Bill left they were keen that I should take his place as commercial director. It wasn’t what I had expected I thought I was just going to be helping Eric, but I’m looking forward to getting started.

“My role will be carrying on the great work done by Bill and the team and try and bring in new business like always. The club needs money to go forward so I’ll be looking to try and get new sponsors. I’ve got a few ideas so I’m keen to get going.”

Tom says he’s pleased with Rovers progress on the park this season. “The club’s in a good position at the moment,” he said. “We’ve got a great young manager, Grant and Laurie are really good guys. We’ve got a good team and we’re doing very well in the league I think, so we just need to look forward.”

The cut backs made by the club in the summer when some players were sold have put the club in a healthier position financially. Tom said: “I wasn’t really involved with any of that at the time obviously, I was just a punter but being involved with the board you certainly see the other side of it.

“It’s a constant battle to keep the team going and of course that’s the most important thing of all.

“I’m Kirkcaldy born and bred so I’m well aware of how important the club is to the town. It’s the same in the lower leagues, how the team does has an effect on the community.”

Tom has been impressed with how positive the board meetings have been so far. “The board are very excited about the future,” he said. “Every one of them have been good to me at the three or four board meetings I’ve already been to. It’s an eye-opener as I said, but all the members of the board have Raith Rovers at heart.”

Eric Drysdale has now taken on the newly created role of chief executive and Tom says it’s a role that Eric thoroughly deserves. “He does a power of work behind the scenes at the moment and I think this is just putting it in a more official footing. What does he do? He does loads of things. I travel in the car with him sometimes and he never stops talking! You can quote me on that!”

So Tom is relishing his new role at the team he’s always supported. He said: “I’m very much looking forward to it. I’m quite enthused about the whole thing, but having been in sales all my days I’m not one for making rash promises!

“It’ll take time to bed in but I’m cautiously optimistic for the future.”