Coca-Cola Cup hero releases autobiography

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Raith Rovers cup hero Julian Broddle has penned an autobiography which he hopes will help rebuild his reputation after he was sacked from the police following a failed drugs test.

The Englishman is a considered a legend around Stark’s Park having been part of the club’s Coca-Cola Cup winning side in 1994, and subsequent European adventure involving the famous matches against Bayern Munich.

After hanging up his boots the Englishman moved into a career with the police force in South Yorkshire, where he served for 18 years before being dismissed on gross misconduct charges last year after testing positive for cocaine.

His book, titled Down the Line, promises to be a must-read for Raith fans, and football fans in general, as it charts the left back’s career from start to finish, with a large section reserved for his extraordinary spell at Raith.

He also addresses the drug allegations and hopes that the book can clear his name, and open doors as he looks to get back into full-time employment.

“I’m very proud that I’ve written a book and never used a ghost writer,” Broddle told the Press. “Hopefully everybody enjoys it, the funny stories and the serious stories, which normally you don’t get to hear about.

“I’d like to think there’s something for everyone. The majority of it is Raith Rovers, it’s the biggest bit.”

The book has already become a best-seller after being made available for download over the weekend, and is due to be released on paperback this weekend.

Broddle admits he has been blown away by the messages of support he has received from Rovers fans, and the football world in general.

“I’ve had hundreds of messages and nobody has mentioned the drugs thing, which is absolutely brilliant,” he said. “I think genuine football supporters are judging me by who I am, and what I did in their clubs.

“I was taking something not knowing what it contained. It made me look like I was a cocaine user for several months and it just blew my mind when they turned up and locked me up.

“It’s the strangest thing to have when you’re a cop, and you’re being locked up by cops. It was horrendous.

“And then searching my house, and searching my car, everything they did was unlawful, and I’m still seeking legal advice on that.

“It needed to be put out there because I want people to see my side. I’m not a bad guy, I haven’t done this, and it’s all explained.”

Broddle promises that there is plenty for Raith fans in the book, although he admitted it was the toughest part to write.

“I didn’t know where to start,” he said. “I wanted to justify everything that happened in that club. I had brilliant times at St Mirren. I never won anything but I’ve got lots of stories of the ups and downs there. Great stories at Barnsley and Plymouth Argyle, and Scunthorpe was a big part of my career.

“But Raith – you could choose that many things because the team was that crazy, and yet, brilliant together. The fun we had, the training was just all fun, and all the stories about Bayern and what happened at this game, and that game.

“It was magnificent because the stories at Raith, I don’t think it will happen for another 100 years. I hope it does, but I don’t think it will because it was such a special three or four years.”

Broddle plans to travel to Stark’s Park on Thursday, September 28 for the Raith Trust Quiz night where he will be doing a reading from his book, as well as taking part in a Q&A and book signing. For more details, visit