EXCLUSIVE: Raith rocked by boardroom resignations

The main stand at Stark's Park.
The main stand at Stark's Park.

Three Raith Rovers directors have resigned from the board within the last 24 hours, the Press can reveal.

Mario Caira, Tom Phillips and Dave Wann have stepped down amid rumours of boardroom unrest following the recent takeover of the club by John Sim, and his company Stark’s Park Properties.

One source told the Press that the directors ‘jumped before they were pushed’, and that others are also considering their position, however, speaking from New Zealand, where he is currently on business, club and stadium owner Sim said he hopes all three can remain involved in some capacity.

“I have only just learned in the past few hours of the resignations of Mario, David and Tom,” he said.

“It was always the intention to refresh the board of RRFC and this is an opportunity to start to do this.

“All three have put in huge efforts on behalf of the club over many years and it certainly would be my hope that going forward they will remain actively involved.

“To drive the club forward we need around a hundred active volunteers and obviously it is impractical for them all to be on the board. “Running a football club is unlike any other type of business and there is a definite learning curve.

“All three have been through this process and we definitely want to retain this expertise.”

Caira steps down after initially agreeing to stay on the board following the sale of his shares to Mr Sim in January.

In recognition of Caira’s long and distinguished service as a club director, which stretches back to the 1990s, Sim hopes the catering businessman will accept an offer to become an honorary life president, following in the footsteps of Jonny Urquhart, Turnbull Hutton and Alex Penman.

“In recognition of his long service to the cub we hope that Mario will agree to become a Life President,” Sim added.

Phillips was initially voted onto the board in 2008 and served a two-year stint as the supporters group’s representative.

He has remained on the board ever since and was heavily involved in the creation of the development squad and the Raith Community Foundation.

Wann also served time as a supporters rep from 2010 to 2014 and has been involved in various fundraising initiatives.

Alan Young confirmed he is continuing as club chairman, and although there is no concrete information at this stage regarding potential new faces in the boardroom, Stark’s Park Properties director Dave Sinton is understood to be in the frame.

The chairman added: “I would like to thank the three individuals for the substantial work they have put into the football club, and I’m sorry they won’t be part of the board going forward.

“But part of the new owners future plans and objectives was to carry out a review of the company structure and board structure – and that’s what they’ve done.”