Fit-again Raith defender looking to get back to clean sheets

Lewis Toshney screens the ball from John Baird at Falkirk Stadium on Saturday. Pic: Michael Gillen
Lewis Toshney screens the ball from John Baird at Falkirk Stadium on Saturday. Pic: Michael Gillen

Lewis Toshney is relieved his injury problems are finally behind him after breaking down in back-to-back games before Christmas.

The Raith Rovers defender tweaked his hamstring in a 1-1 draw against St Mirren at Stark’s Park in November and was then substituted early in the next two games against Queen of the South and Morton after pushing himself back into action too soon.

However, after taking six weeks off to recover Toshney now feels back to full health, and is looking forward to cementing his place in the team.

“It has been frustrating,” he told the Press. “The hamstring just kept coming back, but finally that’s me clear of injuries so I just need to get match sharpness and fitness back then I’m sure I’ll do well.

“I was coming back too quickly - against Morton I knew right away when I went up for a header that it wasn’t right. The physio said to take a step back and make sure I was 100 per cent. That’s what I’ve done and now I feel good.”

Toshney had struck up a formidable defensive partnership with Kyle Benedictus prior to his injury, resulting in the pair signing new contracts for next season.

The duo were reunited as centre half partners on Saturday but Toshney admitted it took them a while to get re-aquainted as the team lost two goals inside 20 minutes.

“We were poor defensively in the first half, and lost poor goals,” he said. “McCracken scored a header, it was my man, and I should do better, but in the second half I thought we were much better.

“It’s the first time I’ve been back there with Bene for a number of months now and it did take a wee while to get used to it.

“I’m sure that will come, and once we get a settled back four again, we’ll get back to keeping clean sheets week in, week out.”

Toshney and David Bates are suspended this Saturday due to an accumulation of bookings, and Kyle Benedictus also misses out following his red card against Falkirk, which Toshney felt was a harsh decision.

“He won the ball fairly but in this day and age you’re probably seeing a red card for that if you go off the ground,” he said. “I’ve played with Bene for years so I know what he’s like. He goes into everything whole-hearted.

“He’s sitting in there shaking his head, and he’s down, but he’ll pick himself up and go again. He’s a big player for us and will be a big miss.”