Latest legend announced for Raith Rovers Hall of Fane

Andy Harrow
Andy Harrow

FIVE Raith Rovers legends have now been confirmed as inductees into the first ever Hall of Fame.

And the team and the man responsible for putting together the nominees sare delighted with the response - and with the results that some may find surprising.

Willie McNaught, Willie Penman and Jim Baxter have been joined by Bobby Reid from the 60s and Andy Harrow from the 70s as inductees in the inaugural event taking place at the Adam Smith Theatre on November 12, the latter two voted in by the public.

Ally Gourlay of the Former Player’s Association, who is part of the organising team, says he’s glad that the results may raise an eyebrow.

He said: “With the 60s vote it was neck and neck between Bobby Reid and Gordon Wallace before Bobby emerged as the winner, and it’s pleasing to see Andy going in there with him.

“Obviously Andy could have gone into either the 70s or the 80s as he had two spells with the club, but his first spell in the 1970s was the longest so that’s why he was included there.

Well deserved

“It’s a good, strong win and thoroughly well deserved. I thought Murray McDermott may have been one of the front runners. It’s a great one to see.”

Ally says one or two omissions have been mentioned but a lack of space may have led to some big names being left out.

He said: “I’ve had one or two people asking me why Ian Porterfield was left out of the nominees for the 1960s.

‘‘It’s understandable because he obviously went on to do great things - scoring the winning goal in the 1973 FA Cup Final for example.

“We can’t include everyone but it’s great that it’s stimulating some debate.”

The six nominees have now been announced for the 1980s - Keith Wright, Colin Harris, Chris Candlish, Paul Smith, Tom Houston and Paul Sweeney - which Ally predicts will be a close run affair.

“It’s a great bunch of players for the 1980s with the likes of Keith who went on to play for Scotland, and current assistant manager Paul Smith in there,” he said. “It’ll be a tough one to call.”

Looking ahead, Ally says the voting will be even harder, especially the 1990s vote which will undoubtedly include many of the famous League Cup winning side of 1994.

“I think for the 90s onwards it will get more difficult,” Ally said. “It’s natural that players who played more recently are easier to remember so it makes it more difficult to choose.

“But I’m very pleased with how it’s gone so far.

“The vote has proved one thing; that the players you may have thought were a stick-on aren’t necessarily the ones that are winning.

“The public have spoken!”