McGlynn fears for future of the game

RAITH Rovers boss John McGlynn fears football clubs could go to the wall unless the Scottish game switches to summer football.

Many clubs are facing a third consecutive blank Saturday following blizzards and sub-zero temperatures this week, with Rovers trip to Stirling Albion at considerable risk of falling victim to the weather.

McGlynn, who campaigned for summer football during last year’s severe winter upheaval, told SportsPress: “If these last winters are a sign of things to come, we’re going to lose football clubs. They can’t continue to lose money.

“Airdrie were hit big style last season and they’ve gone part-time this year. If we continue to have bad winters, other clubs will find themselves in the same situation. It’s just financial suicide really.”

McGlynn believes Scotland should follow Ireland’s lead and schedule the season to last from March to November.

“I’m beating the same drum I did last season, but we need to look at how Ireland do it, and see if there’s something we can replicate here,” he said. “I would be in favour of playing two games a week during August and September to cram in fixtures.

“People put obstacles in the way and talk about World Cups and European football, but it works in Ireland.”

McGlynn himself was caught up in the winter chaos that gripped Scotland on Monday, leaving his home in Musselburgh at 7.15 a.m to travel to Stark’s Park, only to get stuck for several hours as Scotland’s road networks ground to a halt in blizzard conditions.

McGlynn said: “I was on my way to the stadium but turned back at the Forth Bridge and got stuck on the way home. I got back at quarter to two so I was lucky compared to the people who slept in their cars overnight.”

Despite the on-going weather situation, Rovers players have been able to train this week after sourcing indoor facilities in Edinburgh.

“Training indoors restricts what you can do, but it’s better than anything we could possibly hope for,” McGlynn said. “We might even be gaining an edge on opponents who have not been able to do as much as we have. We’re working as hard as we can and the guys have a really good attitude.

“We’re preparing for Stirling, but realistically we’re looking at Tuesday’s trip to Falkirk as our most likely next match.

“There will be a wee bit match rustiness, but the enthusiasm of getting back playing football will make up for that.”