McGlynn willing to fight on at Stark’s Park

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JOHN McGlynn has vowed to fight on at Raith Rovers despite the “massive cuts” heading the club’s way.

The Stark’s Park boss has revealed that players salaries will be slashed for next season as Rovers contemplate life in the First Division without the money-spinning derbies against Dunfermline.

McGlynn, who has a year left on his contract, is braced for the “first step backwards” of his time in charge of the Kirkcaldy club, but told SportsPress he will not walk away from the huge challenge in front of him.

“It would seem like in my time here this is the first step backwards that we’re going to take,” he said. “It’s reality and I’m certainly not complaining. I don’t have to put my hand in my pocket and pay the wages, and I appreciate that people are having to do that. That is really tough.

Tough times

“I will work with any budget and if I need to play young players, then I’ll do that. I’ll do the best possible job I can do for this football club with any budget, as long as everyone realises that there’s tough times ahead.”

SportsPress understands that the club’s finances have taken a significant hit this season as attendances failed to match forecasts, and that club directors have had to personally foot the bill.

McGlynn added: “The fans support has been fantastic but there’s not enough coming through the gate for the directors to make it viable to keep paying the amount of money that they have been.

“That comes hand in hand with the recession. People are going to pick and choose their football matches because they can’t afford to go to them all.

“I’m very realistic and if the board say we’ll have to cut ‘x’ amount of money I’m prepared to work even harder, if I can, to make sure we’re competing.”

McGlynn’s first task will be to decide which of his out of contract players to keep but he admits they may choose to leave as they will be offered less money.

Less money

Players whose contracts expire following Saturday’s final match of the season against Partick Thistle are Andy McNeil, Craig Wilson, Mark Campbell, Grant Murray, Graham Weir, Stephen Simmons, Gregory Tade, Gary Wales, Craig Wedderburn, Graham Beveridge, Jamie Mackie and Tom Graham.

That leaves nine recognised members of the first team squad under contract for next season.

“There’s such a great divide between going to SPL and being in First Division without Dunfermline that I haven’t spoke to any players yet,” he said.

“I find myself in the worst position I’ve been in since I’ve been here because I’ll need to do an awful lot of work in a short period of time.

“I need to negotiate with current players and, if the budget allows, some fresh faces. That will take place in next 10 days or so.

“It’s very uncertain because I don’t know who’s going to re-sign because they’ll have to re-sign for less money, which may mean they won’t.

“There will also be players I can’t re-sign because there’s not enough money to go around.”