Raith chief insists change will happen

Eric Drysdale Raith Rovers
Eric Drysdale Raith Rovers

RAITH Rovers chief executive Eric Drysdale has insisted there will be league reconstruction in time for next season - whether the Scottish Football League votes for it or not.

SFL clubs are due to meet on June 15 to vote on proposals to merge with the Scottish Premier League, which include introducing promotion play-offs to the top flight, and distributing more money to First Division clubs.

An indicative vote at last week’s SFL AGM failed to generate enough support for the plans, with only 16 out of 29 SFL clubs voting in favour of the change (a majority of 22 is required).

However, First Division clubs have since met with SPL representatives to discuss the possibility of a breakaway from the SFL, and creating an expanded second tier under the SPL.

These discussions are believed to have gone well and Drysdale, who is at the forefront of the breakaway talks, believes that change is now inevitable one way or another.

“First Division clubs are very concerned about the way things are going,” he said.

“We are currently in dialogue with the SPL with regard to what the appropriate course of action will be if the vote on June 12 does not go in favour.

“If it’s a yes - and we hope it will be - then we press on with the 42 club solution. If that can’t happen then we’re already well advanced in terms of where we go next.

“Either way there will be change - it’s just a question of who joins that change.”