Raith star trapped in blizzards

A RAITH Rovers player was caught up in the chaos that gripped Scotland’s roads on Monday, spending hours trapped in his car as blizzards swept the country.

Midfielder Mark Ferry made it from his home in Glasgow to Edinburgh Airport, where he is currently installing heating systems, but his return journey home turned into a nightmare.

Ferry, who is part-time, left work at noon but came to a sudden halt on the grid-locked M9 outside Denny, where he was stuck for almost 14 hours before eventually getting home at 4.30 a.m.

“It was an absolute nightmare,” Ferry told SportsPress. “You just had to sit and twiddle your thumbs. I couldn’t even play games on my phone because I had to save the battery to let people know I was okay.

“I was starving so I walked to a shop about three miles away, and when I came back the cars hadn’t budged an inch.

“I was lucky I had enough petrol to leave the car engine on so I was able to stay warm, which was just as well because it was -12 outside. I felt really sorry for all the women who were there with kids.”

Ferry was forced to miss training on Tuesday, along with the other Glasgow-based Raith players as the M8 was shut.