Raith striker: “I don’t have one leg shorter than the other!”

Raith striker Mark Stewart celebrates a goal at Stark's Park. Credit - Fife Photo Agency -
Raith striker Mark Stewart celebrates a goal at Stark's Park. Credit - Fife Photo Agency -

Mark Stewart may be banging the goals in for Raith Rovers, but he’s been the butt of dressing room jokes this week after an unfortunate mix-up.

In an interview last week, manager Ray McKinnon insinuated that Stewart was suffering from recurring injuries because one leg was shorter than the other.

That has led to the striker being ripped to shreds by his team mates - even his wife - and he went to the lengths of getting his legs measured to prove that wasn’t the case.

Stewart (27), who saw the funny side, said: “I can clarify that that I’m not some kind of freak!

“I got a text the other day saying, ‘alright peg leg,’ and now my missus is calling me peggy. I’ll need to chin the gaffer for that.

“I’ve got a biomechanical imbalance in my body, so my right side is a wee bit out, which is causing me issues up my right side.

“I did get measured the other day and my legs are the same size. My pelvis is just sitting a bit squint so everything’s a bit lop-sided.”

Stewart, who has been visiting a chiropractor since he was 20 in a bid to keep on top of the situation, added: “I’ve dealt with it the majority of my season.

“I’ve got a bad back so everything just gets pulled about. I’m dealing with foot, calf and hip issues.

“I’m not really training in between games just now, I’m more maintaining myself during the week until I get over this wee spell.

“I’m not going to lose any fitness. The most important thing is to keep myself ticking over during the week and make sure I’m available for selection on a matchday.

“I just have to get through these games, hopefully get to the play-offs, and then put my feet up for a couple of weeks before my baby comes in the summer.”

Despite his injury troubles, Stewart is enjoying a rich vein of form, hitting his 10th goal of the season, and his fourth in five games, in Tuesday’s 2-0 win over Queen of the South.

“I think I offer something to the team even if I’m not scoring, but stuff has been falling to me recently and I’ve been putting it away,” he said.

“It was a big win on Tuesday but it’s important we don’t ruin all the hard work we’ve put in by slipping up at Alloa on Saturday.”