Raith striker Stewart hails ‘natural’ partnership

Mark Stewart scores against QotS -  Credit -  FPA -
Mark Stewart scores against QotS - Credit - FPA -

Mark Stewart believes he has found a natural strike partner in Lewis Vaughan after the pair fired Raith Rovers to back-to-back victories in the space of four days.

The deadly duo shared five goals in the home wins over Alloa on Saturday and Queen of the South on Tuesday, and Stewart, who accounted for three of them, revealed he is enjoying linking up with the club’s 19-year-old prospect.

Stark's Park - Kirkcaldy - Fife - 'Raith Rovers v Alloa -'47 - LEWIS VAUGHAN SCORES - 'Credit -  FPA -

Stark's Park - Kirkcaldy - Fife - 'Raith Rovers v Alloa -'47 - LEWIS VAUGHAN SCORES - 'Credit - FPA -

“We seem to have a struck up a good understanding,” Stewart told the Press.

“It’s more like a natural partnership because the wee man likes to go in the hole and I like to stay long.

“We’ve got Christian Nade and Calum Elliot coming back so it can only be good for the team to have four good strikers available.

“There’s good competition but I’m enjoying playing with wee Lewis.”

Stewart has been impressed with Vaughan’s form since his return to first team action against Livingston recently after spending months on the sidelines.

“He was out the team for a long time, which used to happen to me a lot when I was younger as well, but he’s bided his time well and now he’s took his chance,” Stewart said.

“He’s went about it the right way because he’s come in and proved what he’s got.

“It’s shows a maturity to be out the team for so long then come in and perform like that.

“He’s a cracking wee player and he could go on to play at a much higher level.”

Stewart’s opening goal against Alloa on Saturday was his first in three months but his double against Queens suggests he has rediscovered the scoring touch.

“Both my goals on Tuesday hit the bar and went in whereas before they would’ve probably hit the bar and came out,” he said.

“I had confidence that so as long as I was playing well and contributing to the team doing well then the goals would come, and finally things are dropping in for me.

“I’ve done it in the past - only a few seasons ago when I managed to keep myself fit I scored 17 goals in 30-odd games.

“I’ve got it in me, my problem always been keeping myself fit, but this season I’ve not missed a day’s training yet.

“I’m just enjoying staying fit and being available for games every week.”

Stewart is one of a number of Raith players out of contract in the summer but contract talks are not yet on the agenda.

“I know I’ve got ability so I’m not going to focus on that,” he said.

“Clubs like Raith will come to you close to the end of season and let you know whether want to keep you or not.

“It’s the same throughout Scottish football just now. Clubs don’t really tie people down during the season.

“We’ve got a strong squad and a lot of boys are out of contract, but my thoughts haven’t really went there yet.

“If you start worrying about stuff like that it might get to you.

“I’m just focused on taking it game-by-game and trying to get few more goals.”