Rovers support latest league reform package

Eric Drysdale Raith Rovers
Eric Drysdale Raith Rovers

RAITH Rovers have given the thumbs-up to the latest proposals to re-organise Scottish football.

Rovers were one of 10 division one clubs that threatened to resign from the Scottish Football League last Thursday after previous attempts at league reconstruction collapsed.

However, at a meeting on Tuesday, Scottish Premier League clubs moved things forward by agreeing to push for a merged 42-club body with top flight play-offs in time for next season.

The proposals would see the current 12-10-10-10 system stay in place, but with the introduction of play-offs involving the 11th placed team in the SPL and the clubs placed second, third and fourth in division one.

The plans would also ensure a greater redistribution of finances to first division clubs, and a pyramid structure.

Meetings are on-going as those behind the proposals look to iron out some of the finer details but it’s likely that both the SPL and SFL will convene for a vote sometime next week.

Raith chief executive Eric Drysdale outlined what the changes would mean for the Kirkcaldy club.

“Should these proprosals go through then the club won’t be as reliant as it has been in the past on trying to find external investment to make good on shortfalls,” he said.

“It will enable us to be more financially sustainable than we already are, and it will hopefully give all first division clubs more stability to improve year on year.

“We are anxious to ensure second and third division clubs are onside, and we believe what is now being proposed is even better for them that what they would have been looking at previously.”