SFL clubs set for merger summit

Eric Drysdale Raith Rovers
Eric Drysdale Raith Rovers
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SCOTTISH Football League clubs will convene at Hampden today (Friday) for a meeting that could make or break the latest league reconstruction proposals.

Up for discussion are the plans put forward by the Scottish Premier League last week that would see Scotland retain its current 12-10-10-10 format, but with more finances and promotion play-offs brought to division one, as well as the introduction of a pyramid structure, under a merged league body.

It is understood that the proposals have the full backing of both the SPL and first division clubs, but they will need the support of enough division two and three clubs to be carried through.

Raith chief executive Eric Drysdale, who has been involved in talks between division one and SPL clubs, hopes that lower league clubs can back the plans that would see changes in place for the start of next season.

“Friday’s meeting is an important one,” he told the Press. “The outcome of it will determine whether we are going to see change for next season and what that change will be.

“The SPL indication is quite clear - they are now unanimous that they want this 42 club solution to happen. The first division clubs are equally unanimous.

“What we don’t know is how divisions two and three are feeling.

“Our intelligence is that many of them see this as a good way forward, so there is hope that agreement can be reached on Friday.”